We’re rejigging MediaNama’s editorial approach. Much has changed in the last year: from what makes the news, how much makes the news, and how it is covered. To serve you better, we need to understand what you like to read, how you read, what you need to know more of, what you don’t want to read about. We want to make sure we’re meeting you needs as a reader: we may never be able to meet your exact expectations, but understanding your needs helps us understand where we need to make a push. If something is pissing you off: please tell us.

Help us help you. Please take the following survey: http://goo.gl/forms/rV2o2znLo9

The more details we get, the better we understand your needs. I might get in touch with you for a more detailed conversation, so hence the need for your contact details. The change in approach is likely to take a few months, and we’re open to feedback. If you don’t like our approach to a story, please also feel free to leave a comment explaining why.

Apart from this, in case you’d like to talk to us about changes we need to make, please schedule a call with me tomorrow (or any Friday from here on). I’m nikhil@medianama.com and at +91-98103-10053.