How an internet mapping glitch turned a random Kansas farm into a digital hell – Fusion

“As a result, for the last 14 years, every time MaxMind’s database has been queried about the location of an IP address in the United States it can’t identify, it has spit out the default location, and in all, there are now over 600 million IP addresses associated with that default coordinate.”


Is High-Speed Internet a Basic Right? Canada Is Debating That Now – Motherboard

“The goal is to give all Canadians access to a low-speed fixed internet service, but accessibility has many facets—and also encompasses affordability and reliability, which is a problem in many parts of the country.”


The Ultimate Retaliation: Pranking My Roommate With Targeted Facebook Ads – GhostInfluence

“I had effectively driven my roommate to a state of paranoia with Facebook ads and the entire three week long marketing campaign cost me exactly $1.70. It was worth every… single… penny.”


Investigating the Potential for Miscommunication Using Emoji – Grouplens

“One finding that really surprised us is that a good deal of the potential for miscommunication may come from different interpretations of the exact same emoji rendering. In other words, two people looking at the exact same emoji on the same smartphone platform can interpret that emoji quite differently.”


The danger with streaming and driving – BBC News

“While he is driving Neil records video on a smartphone stuck to the windscreen. As he records he looks at the phone and not the motorway, and the car drifts dangerously out of the lane. Other drivers were recording video-selfies using apps like Snapchat and posting them online. ”


How Economists rode Maths to become our era’s astrologers – Aeon

“Unlike engineers and chemists, economists cannot point to concrete objects – cell phones, plastic – to justify the high valuation of their discipline. Nor, in the case of financial economics and macroeconomics, can they point to the predictive power of their theories.”


Facebook Has Seized the Media, and That’s Bad News for Everyone But Facebook – Wired

“What Facebook is selling you is pretty simple. It’s selling an experience, part of which includes news. That experience is dependent on content creators—you know, journalists and newsrooms—who come up with ideas, use their own resources to realize them, and then put them out into the world. All of which takes time, money, and skill.”


How Will Zuckerberg Rule the World? By Giving Facebook’s Tech Away – Wired

“Facebook’s goal, as we so often hear from Zuckerberg is to connect everyone in the world, to give them the tools they need “to share anything they want with anyone they want in a natural way.” If you orient a company toward a goal like this, you end up going down all sorts of paths, some of which seem strange and unrelated.”


Canadian Police Obtained BlackBerry’s Global Decryption Key – Vice

“At one point, the judge sided with the defense in ordering that the RCMP release the key itself to the defense, which would likely mean that the key — the one that can open millions of digital locks — would be released publicly. That request was later dropped.”


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Image source: Flickr user Robert under CC BY-NC 2.0