The team behind The Blueberry Hunt, a movie directed by Anup Kurian and produced by Kurian and Mathewkutty Mattom is making the movie available for Rs 350 for pre-booking, and Rs 499 at regular price for download, giving the downloader a legal copy. The file will be available for download on 30 April, via an email sent to users who pre-book.

Its website says that the movie is releasing on 30 April, but it seems to have hit the cinemas today, since tickets are available on BookMyShow. Users can pay for the 1080p version by credit or debit card (also PayPal) or make a bank transfer. Those who want to get in touch with the team can also message them on WhatsApp at +91-84338-68803.

Speaking to MediaNama, a member of the Blueberry Hunt team said that it hadn’t hired any PR or marketing firm to market the movie, but were instead being helped by the director’s and possibly the actors’ friends and family to manage social media and other platforms.

On purchasing the movie, an email is sent to the user from Visual Possibility, to a download link at Payloadz. As of now, the site only offers the film’s songs through a zip file from Dropbox, but we imagine that the movie download link might be sent shortly. We’ve asked the team for more details and will update this if we hear from it.


MediaNama’s take: We think that this is definitely an innovative way to combat piracy, unlike the approach of the Tamil film industry, which in response to widespread piracy of Tamil films planned to stop releasing movies in the first place, last March. The Tamil film industry displayed a complete lack of understanding of how or why piracy works, but did not go ahead with the plan, for now obvious reasons. We do hope that other independent as well as other film distributors consider this as a means of distribution, especially to battle piracy in India.

Digital storage device manufacturer Moser Baer had taken a shot at piracy by selling original CDs and DVDs of mostly Indian old and new movies by bundling 3 in one or individual titles for Rs 50 and 150, if I remember correctly. It now seems to sell Blu Ray discs and DVDs of Hindi movies.

Yesterday, independent film director Anurag Kashyap also tweeted urging users to not watch the Hindi movie Masaan on Star’s online streaming platform Hotstar, since it had apparently been ‘mutilated’ on it.

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