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India was the third largest source of malicious online activity in 2015, according to Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report (pdf). Overall, the country accounted for 3.4% of the world’s malicious traffic, a significant distance behind the US with 18.9% malicious traffic and China with 23.7%.

The overall malicious activity originating from India was down by 51% year on year, from 4% of overall attack traffic in 2014. Overall malicious activity as indicated by the report includes malicious code, spam zombies, phishing hosts, bot infected computers, network attack origins and web-based attack origins.

Malicious activity breakdown: India was the 2nd largest source for malicious code in 2015, with 12.5% share of activity. The US stood first with 13.7% of malicious code originating from the country, while China came in third with 10.7%. India also ranked 4th on source of web attack origins with 2.3% of the attacks originating in the country. The US came in first with 18.3% of attacks originating in the country.

India was also among the top 10 countries for network attack origin. The country stood 8th with 2.4% of the global network attack traffic originating here. China and the US once again lead the roost with 29.1% and 14% of malicious traffic share respectively. In other areas, such as phishing hosts, source of bots and spam zombies, India did not make the top 10 list.

Methodology: Symantec first calculates the proportion of each activity originating from each source, then the mean of the percentages of each malicious activity that originates in each source is calculated. This average determines the proportion of overall malicious activity that originates from the source in question, and rankings are determined by calculating the mean average of the proportion of these malicious activities that originated in each source.

Akamai report: Earlier this year, Akamai published a separate security report including data previously published by Prolexic in its DDoS attack report. According to the report, this time around India stood 4th with reference to origin of attack traffic globally. The UK, surprisingly, was the biggest source of attack traffic overall internationally, toppling China with 25.6% of attack traffic originating in the country. China came in second, the source of 20.7% of attack traffic and the US was third with 17.04% of attack traffic.

Image source: Julian Burgess under CC BY 2.0