The Cellular Operators Association of India (whose members include Google and Facebook), has reported an addition of 7.25 million GSM connections in February 2016, closing in at 768 million connections, a 0.95% increase from 761 million connections in the previous month.

1 Coai Feb 2016

GSM operator and circle-wise data (excluding Reliance, BSNL and Tata):

– Airtel added 2.90 million connections in February 2016, taking its connection base to 248.69 million.
– Vodafone added 2.03 million connections, taking its connection base to 196.74 million.
– Idea Cellular added 1.46 million connections in February 2016, taking its connection base to 174.62 million.

2 Coai Feb 2016

– Among metro circles, Kolkata added 214,021 GSM connections, while Delhi added 122,019 GSM connections.

Note that no information has been provided about the active users which we’ll probably get once the telecom regulator TRAI releases data for the entire industry.


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