Crowdfunding website BitGiving, which started as a platform for social campaigns, is now category agnostic, letting anyone post a campaign of their choice. The company also launched version 2 of its platform, which introduces new features like profile pages and data analysis like what is working for the campaign.

Other than social projects the platform now lists campaigns on robots, software, environment, small business, animals, theatre and arts, fashion etc. It charges 6% of the raised funds from social campaigns as fees. Campaigns for art projects, events etc., are categorized as ‘creative campaigns’ and are charged 8% of the funds raised from the campaign. The same fee applies to ‘Entrepreneurial campaigns’.

BitGiving has been previously used for helping out animal welfare organization Friendicoes in Delhi. Friendicoes which cares for over 2,000 animals, raised over Rs 40 lakh during the duration of its campaign to keep up services like night ambulances. Similarly, India’s ice hockey team was funded using the platform to sponsor a trip to play in Kuwait.

BitGiving lets users put up projects by submitting a proof of age (18+) and your PAN card and bank account details. The company claims that every campaign goes through an approval process before it is published. The campaign must specify clearly, the project for which the funds will be raised and how they’d be used. Users can also create “support events” which lets users’ friends make donations on birthdays, anniversaries or otherwise.

BitGiving was founded to enable individuals and organisations to raise funds for a social initiative. Among the causes not supported by BitGiving are fundraising for personal growth, soliciting loans, offensive material like hate speech or porn, community disharmony and endorsement of illegal substances. In March last year, the company appointed its co-founder and COO Ishita Anand as its CEO.

Other crowdfunding players in India include LetsVenture, Wishberry, IgniteIntent, Milaap, Ketto, FundMyPitch and TheHotStart among others.

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