Winjit Technologies, a software development and services company, has launched an Internet of Things gateway device management platform called Winjit IoT GDM at the Mobile World Congress held at Barcelona. The solution will provide analytics while managing the lifecycle of an IoT deployment.

The solution will consist of a lightweight OS based on Arch Linux, open source API access, local analytics & a dashboard, live data streaming and offline data storage. As for connectivity, the solution will support the use of WiFi, ZigBee, BLE, LoRa, HTTP/S, REST, MQTT and SOAP. As of now, the company claims to facilitate parking and traffic solutions for smart cities through embedded wireless sensors, using its IoT solution.

Essentially, sensors collect data and send it back to Winjit’s gateway, where the information is made available through APIs. The information can be pretty much anything, a traffic jam alert, parking fees information, levels of pollution etc.

Other networks: Note that in November last year, Tata Communications started testing its IoT network in Delhi and Mumbai. These networks would be based on LoRa technology, a standard that operates in unlicensed bands. Tata would essentially provide the gateway host to connect a sensor with the network server.

Similarly in August, Reliance Communications entered into a partnership with Internet of Things platform provider Jasper, for providing enterprises with a platform to launch their IoT services. The services provided through the partnership would help enterprises automate IoT service lifecycle as well as monetize their businesses. Jasper was subsequently acquired by Cisco for $1.4 billion.

In October, telecom operator Aircel partnered with Tech Mahindra for rolling out Internet of Things services. According to the company, this would include solutions for smart energy, connected vehicles and smart cities. With this partnership, Aircel would offer the network, Aeris provide the data collecting/transmitting device, while Tech Mahindra would offer the end sensors etc.

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