Microsoft is working on a pilot to integrate its VoIP solution Skype with the Aadhaar database, to see if Aadhaar can be used as an identification system for video calls with government organisations and institutions among others, reports Business Standard. There’s no further details on the pilot.

Microsoft is working with the government to set up a Cyber Security Engagement Centre (CSEC) which will work with law enforcement agencies and customers and help fight cyber crime. It set up one such centre in Gurgaon where its attorneys, investigators and security experts work on protecting, detecting and responding to cyber threats in real time, working with CERT India.

E-authenticate, save travel time
Brad Smith, Microsoft president and chief legal officer, said that Skype’s evolution might result in enabling people at home to authenticate themselves with Aadhaar using a fingerprint or an iris scan. The person on the other end will then know who it is. He also added that this might enable people to testify in court proceedings or get a license, saving travel time.

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Vodafone’s pilot for Aadhaar verification
In March last year, telecom operator Vodafone had launched a new pilot project in Kolkata where it would use Aadhaar-based verification to issue new connections where a customer’s Aadhaar card and finger prints were adequate for validating and activating new pre-paid and post-paid connections.

Government’s efforts towards cyber security:

– In November last year, the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team under the Indian government signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Singapore Computer Emergency Response Team to promote cooperation and exchange cyber security information including info on cyber attacks, research collaboration in smart technologies, cyber security policies and best practices. The government also signed a similar MoU with the Malaysian Government on cyber security in the same week.

– In October, the British Government sent a cyber security delegation to India, which included people from the UK Trade and Industry’s Defence and Security Organisation, private, large and small companies, to share information on cyber security. And in November, the Indian government issued a joint statement with the UK government saying that the two countries would work together to disrupt financial and tactical support for terrorist networks including the ISIS, Al Qaeda and Lashkar-e-Toiba.

– In August, the United States and India held a joint Cyber Dialogue in Washington.

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