Digital marketing company Lycos has acquired Austria-based TriTelA which owns mysms messenger and the tech platforms SPG Wien and Kika Social. The acquisition is an all stock deal for which Lycos will issue 2.848 crore additional shares in return for 100% ownership.

Through this acquisition, Lycos will get access to a cloud based framework, letting the company tie SMS, IM services, wearables, cars and appliances to the user’s smartphones, tablets, laptops, OTTs and other devices.

mysms is a messenger that syncs between SMSes and instant messages across desktops, mobile and web. As of now, the messenger claims to have 3 million users. Kika Social is a platform for social media engagement and measurement, while SPH Wien is a content management and analytics platform for video.

Apollo joint venture: In September last year, Lycos formed a joint venture with Apollo International to provide solutions to global brands in deploying custom e-commerce platforms targeting Indian consumers, called Apollo Lycos Netcommerce. Apollo would contribute its expertise in logistics, inventory management and reverse logistics, while Lycos would bring its expertise in digital media, technology and marketing in setting up online presence for large brands globally.

Lycos wearables: In June the same year, Lycos launched Lycos Life, a line of wearable devices that include a smart wristband and a finger ring. The devices are priced at $124.99 for the wristband and $59.99 for the ring. The wristband, named The Band, features a fitness monitor, a personal security manager and something called ‘Tap2Transfer capabilities’. Lycos claims the device can track a user’s steps, calories burned, speed, sleep and heart rate.

Patent sale: In May, Lycos Internet put up for sale a number of patents it holds across segments like search engine technology, online advertising and online gaming among others.  The company said that the decision to focus on its IP portfolio was not an attempt to gain entitlement for IP external innovation, but essentially to create a more collaborative relationship with partners and the industry.

Financials: For the quarter ended September 30, 2015, Lycos reported revenues worth Rs 458.38 crore for its digital marketing segment. Revenues from the software development business decreased, with the segment reporting revenues of Rs 106.71 crore for the quarter. Overall, the consolidated revenues of the company for Q2-FY16 stood at Rs 565.08 crore.