Mobile VOD company Vuclip conducted a survey for 2015 on global video insights across 4,600 users India, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, UAE and Philippines along with the US, UK, Singapore and Australia markets.

Viewing preferences of the Indian market: 

– 56% Indian viewers showed preference for video downloading features.

– Video consumption on smartphones was preferred on larger screen sizes: 4.6″- 5″ screens.

– 85% viewers consumed short form video content (under 10 minutes) on smartphones as against 71% on laptops. User generated content is consumed more on smartphones (28%) than on laptops (20%).

Content and networks: 

60% viewers prefer comedy content, while mobile network usage accounted for 65% in India, as compared to 49% in developed markets. While travelling, Indian consumers consumed 56% of video content, as compared to 46% in developed nations. Torrent downloads were a dominant mode of sourcing in India: 67% accounted for downloads, whereas this number was 48% in developed countries. 40% of Indian consumers paid for videos through platforms like iTunes and YouTube, and it was 29% for developed nations. 23% of viewers in India viewed buffering as a key inhibitor to video consumption on smartphones.

Indonesia Vs developed world: 

– 52% users used 3G for mobile internet, followed by 30% for WiFi and 13% for 4G, whereas in developed nations, for the same purpose, WiFi was preferred by 51% viewers, followed by 39% on 4G and 10% on 3G.

– In Indonesia, 37% videos were downloaded and 13% streamed on desktop, whereas developed nations downloaded 21% and 41% streamed on desktop. On mobile, the same base applies to 27% downloaded and 50% streamed for Indonesia, while for developed countries, it was 13% and 65% for mobile. (For India, it is 37% downloading and 16% streaming on desktops and 24% downloading and 41% streaming on mobile.)

Activities and content:

Both in Indonesia, as well as globally, social networking, checking emails, chatting, playing games and watching videos were the top 5 activities. Males and females consumed content the most, followed by action for males and romance for females; and sports for males, while drama for females in developing and developed markets.

Previous survey: Last year in June, Vuclip’s survey in India, the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa stated that movies and TV shows accounted for 80% of the international content consumed. In India, 78% of its users preferred watching content in their native languages. Hindi videos accounted for over 40% of viewership traffic in India, followed by Tamil at 8%, Telugu at 6%, Bengali and Marathi at 4% each.

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Image Credit: Newsbie Pix under the CC-BY 2.0 license