Infosys has invested $4 million in Waterline Data Science, a data recovery and data governance software provider. Post investment, Infosys and Waterline will partner with each other to offer Waterline’s solutions to the former’s clients. The transaction is expected to be completed by the 4th of February.

Waterline Data currently offers a flagship product called Waterline Data Inventory for data management with catalog views and role-based access controls. The product is marketed at healthcare, automotive, insurance, government and consumer marketing agencies that deal with sorting, understanding and handling big data. The company had raised $7 million in funding from Menlo Ventures and Sigma West in October 2014.

‘Innovate in India’ fund: Last year, Infosys announced a $250 million ‘Innovate in India’ fund to invest in startups in artificial intelligence (AI), automation, Internet of Things and collaboration and design technologies. Infosys’ ‘Innovate in India’ is part of its Innovation fund, a $500 million fund to invest in similar companies worldwide.

In July, the company made its first investment under this fund, by investing around $1.4 million in Bangalore based ANSR Consulting, a strategy consulting and implementation firm. Overall, according to this Mint report, Infosys has spent $25.4 million from its $500 million innovation fund to pick minority stakes in five start-ups and also invested an undisclosed investment to become a limited partner in Vertex Ventures, a venture capital firm.

Additionally, Infosys also spent $390 million last year to purchase automation technology provider Panaya, digital commerce firm Skava and Noah Consulting. It also invested $2 million in US-based personal air quality monitor startup Airviz.

Whoop investment: Infosys invested $3 million in the US-based wearables company Whoop just last month. Infosys would get a minority holding in the company. The Whoop system is a wrist-worn strap for professionals that measures physical stats and other data, and provides athletes with an ‘Intensity’ score, corresponding to the level of physical strain and exertion.