Messenger app Hike has launched a feature called ‘Car Match’ that will let Hike users match, connect, chat and share rides with friends, acquaintances and others. The app will also match odd numbered cars with even numbered cars in the same category in the vicinity, so users can share rides with each other.

The feature is currently enabled for all Delhi phone numbers, while other users have to activate the feature by getting an invite from a friend who has it. To sign up, users are required to enter details about themselves, their car and the trip, post which, the app automatically lists possible matches depending on the entered information. Users can then chat with these other matched users, and finalize a commuter to share their ride with.

MediaNama’s take: Hike has the right idea; by matching customer the company is providing a pretty useful service for those who rely on private vehicles for transportation. Enabling communication between users of odd and even number-plated cars will make it easier for people to find rides and offer them. This is significantly better than people simply buying new/used second cars as a workaround for Delhi’s odd/even rule that aims to curb pollution.

Other developments at Hike:

– Last month, Hike launched in 8 Indic languages including Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam and Telugu.

– The same month, Hike said that its users now exchange over 1 billion messages per day, or over 30 billion per month.

– In October, Hike introduced a new feature called Hike Direct, allowing users to send messages off grid, i.e. without the use of telecom networks or an active Internet connection.

– In September, Hike started aggregating Hindi news stories and would roll out the feature for other regional languages as well. The messenger had launched the News feature in August where it would aggregate stories from leading English dailies.