Lukup Media, an on demand TV and ad platform, has received a Unified License to launch data, TV, and video on demand services through a single connection in the country. It is operating a field trial on its gigabit wireless platform which operates outside licensed spectrum and can provide 1 Gbps connections for buildings and complexes.

Lukup says the gigabit wireless service will reduce the cost of network infrastructure and provide cheaper internet access. The company traditionally uses last mile optic fiber networks managed by cable operators to offer its services. It says that the gigabit service will let it operate in semi urban and rural areas where telecom network infrastructure is poor.

The Department of Telecom (DoT) defines a Unified License as one providing either of these services: access, internet, national long distance, international long distance, VSAT CUG, INSAT MSS Reporting etc. In 2013, the DoT  amended the Unified Licence removing the clause that made it mandatory for telcos to migrate to this license if any one of its existing licenses expired. Unified licenses allow telcos to offer any form of communication (telephone, Internet, broadband and others) through a single license and also delinks spectrum from future licenses.

In October 2013, Sistema Shyam Teleservices which operates in India as MTS India, received unified licenses for the eight circles it had won in the March 2013 auctions, making it the first telco to receive a unified license in India.

MSO and ISP licenses: In April, Lukup was looking to acquire multi-system operator (MSO) and internet service provider (ISP) licenses, which would let it bundle its OTT content services with traditional TV and internet. An MSO basically operates multiple cable or direct broadcast satellite TV systems. These bundled services would let Lukup deliver OTT content with traditional TV and internet.

At that time, it said that the demand for OTT services was not high, since customers who owned digital TV set top boxes did not wish to pay extra for OTT services. Last year, Lukup signed contracts with over 200 local cable operators and claimed to have a total viewer base of 1.8 million homes.

Mediabrands partnership: In 2013, Lukup Media signed an agreement with Mediabrands Indonesia, the media arm of the Interpublic Group, to offer rich media mobile advertising and consumer engagement solutions to advertisers, brands and content providers.

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Image Credit: Steve Rhode