Mobile Internet revenues for Airtel in India grew by 60.3% year-on-year to Rs 2,893 crore for the quarter ended September 30th 2015 (Q2-FY16), accounting for around 21.5% of total revenues for the company.  Quarter on quarter, Mobile Internet revenues were up 9.29%, from Rs 2,647 crores.

3G Users

Airtel has reported total 23.895 million 3G Mobile Internet connections for the quarter ended September 30, 2015 (Q2-FY16), registering a 11.86% increase from 21.36 million 3G connections in the previous quarter and up 54.71 % from 15.445 million 3G Mobile Internet connections in the same quarter last year.

The total mobile Internet base saw a 3.11% increase quarter-on-quarter (QoQ) to 51.01 million connections, from 49.47 million connections in the previous quarter, while it increased 27.19% year-on-year (YoY) from 40.108 million in the same quarter last year. Note that Airtel’s user base is not comparable with that of Vodafone, which is the only major telecom operator to not weed out incidental Internet users in their notes.

Mobile Internet users accounted for 21.7% of the Airtel’s total India connection base for the quarter, up slightly from 21.4% in the previous quarter. The 3G Mobile Internet base accounts for 46.84% of its total Mobile Internet base, up from 38.50% last year. 3G connections are 9.58% of total mobile base for Airtel, up from 6.87% last year.

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No 4G information: The company hasn’t disclosed any updated data on how its 4G service is performing. In January 2014, Airtel had claimed that its 4G connection base had crossed the 100,000 mark in the country.

The growth in Mobile Internet connections, consumption and revenues from Airtel means that it is difficult for Airtel to explain the violation of Net Neutrality, especially its Airtel Zero platform that leads to the institution of a carriage fees on Internet companies, in exchange for allowing consumers to access only those apps and sites that are willing to pay Airtel.

Other Mobile Internet data

– Total Mobile Internet volume increased by 12.69% QoQ to 114.96 billion MB and increased by 69.89% YoY from 67.668 billion MB.

– Average data revenue per user increased 6.62% to Rs 193, from Rs 181 in the previous quarter and it increased 28.67% from Rs 150 in the same quarter last year.

– Data usage per customer increased 8.35% to 765 MB, from 706 MB in the previous quarter and it increased 35.87% from 563 MB in the same quarter last year.

– Data Realization per MB decreased by 1.56% QoQ to Rs 0.2517 and decreased by 5.62% YoY from Rs 0.2667.