Micromax’s YU has launched a mobile printer called YUPix that can print pictures from iPhones or Android phones directly via WiFi and NFC. The device comes with its own battery, can print 20 pictures with a cartridge unit and offers users an option to add captions and photos on the pictures before printing.

The device is priced at Rs 6,999 and is currently available exclusively via Amazon. As for the printing specifications, the device claims to print an image every minute at 291 DPI and 16.7 million colours. However, print sizes for the device seem to be restricted to the standard 54 X 86 mm print size. Overall, the manufacturer provides 6 months of warranty on the device.

The printer claims to have a cartridge that does not require a cleaning roll. It works based on dye sublimation technology which basically uses heat to transfer dye onto the printing paper. The included battery is 750mAh, although it’s not clear how long the printer will be able to print on only battery power.

After printing the 20 initial pictures the device requires a cartridge replacement, and this is where things start to look a bit expensive. The cartridges are currently priced at Rs 649 and come with ink and 20 papers, which adds up to around Rs 32.5 per printed picture. In contrast, the Canon Selphy which is priced similarly at Rs 5,900, sells cartridges at Rs 13,500 for 1080 sheets with ink, which adds up to around Rs 12.5 per printed picture, much cheaper than the YU offering.

What’s even more mystifying is that the YU cartridges are priced at an MRP of Rs 999, and are currently selling at a discounted price at Rs 649. This would mean that without discounts, the YU printer would actually cost the user nearly Rs 50 per print out, a pretty hefty amount. On the bright side, the YU printer comes with a built in battery and is significantly lighter (at 272 grams), vs the Canon printer which weighs around 800-900 grams. However, we wonder if the build in battery and lighter weight are justifications enough for users to buy it over a printer that is significantly cheaper per print wise.