Can Communicate in association with Talkaholics Productions & Pocket Films has launched a crowdfunding project on Wishberry to raise Rs. 8 lakhs in 50 days for Hankaar, India’s first tech thriller web series,  reports Indian Television.

Why did the producers choose to go with a crowdfunding campaign? Speaking to Indian Television, Yogi Chopra, Writer and Producer of Hankaar said that since Indian television sees this content as non-commercial, it is difficult to raise funds to produce this show. The show’s trailer on Pocket Films channel on YouTube describes the show to be “the story of five people who go through extraordinary circumstances unaware that their lives are inter-connected.”

It appears that the funds of raised will be used to produce three seasons of the show. The campaign on Wishberry states that the funds raised will be used for production, post-production and music & sound. There is no mention of how the film will be marketed. The campaign is accepting contributions ranging from Rs. 1,000 to Rs 1 lakh per person. The rewards for the contribution ranges from being featured on the show’s Facebook page with a thank you note to being credited as Associate Producer and Producer on the show. Interestingly, most of Hankaar’s team seems to be from the offline film industry.

Marketing through Pocket Films network?

Though the terms of the partnership between the companies involved is not clear, it seems like the Pocket Films, the content division of 1takemedia will be using it’s network to market the film across different platforms.

Pocket Films is a YouTube creator company that primarily runs a channel that hosts short films of independent film makers on its channel as a means of monetising the films for them across platforms. The channel presently has 174,970 subscribers (at the time of writing the story). The company claims to have a library of 6000+ across their network channels from 1500+ film makers.

Other channels in their network include a kids’ channel called Little Kids hosting rhymes, songs, how to videos etc, Indian LGBT films, comedy short films, romantic short films, thriller short films, English short films, south Indian language shorts, among others.

Other crowdfunded projects in India

In the recent times, several film-makers have resorted to crowdfunding to fund their films. Crowdfunding platforms Wishberry and Catapoolt are the two platforms that mainly aid crowdfunding of films in India. Films that raised funds through crowdfunding include Lucia by Pawan Kumar, Peddlers by Vasan Bala, Shala by Sujay Dahake, among others notes BusinessToday.

Other web series in India

It appears that web series launched so far in India have mostly been in the genres of comedy and lifestyle, be it Baked by Scoopwhoop, Permanent roommates by TVF, The Look and Get Fit by MTV, among others.