BigFoot Retail Solutions owned e-commerce platform for SMEs and retailers, Kartrocket has launched an online consumer-to-consumer marketplace for hand crafted products called Kraftly. The marketplace is app-only and is available for Android devices on Google Play.

The app enables any individual, hobby seller or shop owner to create their own branded micro-shop, list products and receive payments. Kraftly manages payments and logistics for each seller and allows the long tail of small and home sellers to go online.

KartRocket CEO Saahil Goel, said that Kraftly currently has over 1500 category leaf nodes and over six lakh products from more than 2000 sellers. “We expect that in 6 months we will have over five lakh sellers on the platform and have close to 30-40 lakh SKUs” adds Saahil Goel.

Sellers can also sell directly to their contacts from the app through Whatsapp and collect payments. According to Kartrocket, it doesn’t charge any commission on orders placed through Whatsapp, and collects a 5% commission on orders received through Kraftly. The app also lets buyers and seller directly interact with each other.

Sellers can collect payments through KartRocket’s wallet. The company mentions that when sellers see growth and wants their own website, they can easily migrate their inventory to their website on KartRocket from the app.

KartRocket funding: In October 2014, , Kartrocket raised close to $2 million in a Series A round of investment led by the technology venture investor Nirvana Venture Advisors. Japan-based Beenos (NetPrice) and existing investor 500 Startups also participated in this round.

KartRocket had raised an undisclosed amount of funding in a seed round led by 5ideas Startup Superfuel, with participation from Dave McClure’s 500 Startups and angel investor Jatin Aneja, in July 2013.

MediaNama’s take: Hobbyists and small business will find Kraftly’s model for selling hand-crated products helpful. The product takes away the pains of shipping, payments and provides a platform for practically anyone who wants to sell. Hobbyists often do not have the time or resources to manage sales, payments and logistics and the application allows them to focus more on hand crafted products. Also it’s a clever move by KartRocket to allow sellers to migrate to their own website when their stores grow big enough.

The addition of WhatsApp sales is also interesting as many sellers could also use the groups that they are a part of to sell to their friends and family. It could lead to deeper development for commerce over the messaging platform.