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Life is short. Have an affair.

So they did.

And the internet got to work.

A map put out by user Malfideleco (Spanish for either inaccuracy or infidelity) on Tecnilogica shows user data from dating website Ashley Madison, which was hacked towards the end of last month. MediaNama could not independently verify this data and does not have any means to, for that matter. It is also unclear as to whether this data used geo location or IP addresses to map the users. However, the map is interactive and we list some of the statistics we found. (hat tip: @tetisheri)

These India statistics have been sourced randomly from the map (to be honest, I was looking to cover all 4 “corners” of India):

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The data we mined from the map basically puts New Delhi (38,652), Mumbai (33,036), Chennai (16,434), Hyderabad (12,825), Bangalore (11,561) and Pune (9,859) where most number of Ashley Madison users were found in India, indicatively. As indicated by the global map, red spots are where more than 85% of the users are men, whereas yellow indicates less than 85% users are men and hence most of European Ashley Madison users seem to be male, as is the case with China (parts of), Japan, South and North Korea. Parts of Australia seems to have a decent mix of men and women, but the country is mostly dominated by male users. Most of South America is male users, a case it shares with North America, with female users peppered in.

Although the world’s sex ratio is 101 males to 100 females, the US, Mexico, Canada, Russia, Australia, parts of South America and Africa and South Africa, most of Europe and a collection of Southeast Asian countries (not India) actually have more women than men. Note that data from 2010- 2012 actually pegs Delhi fourth from the bottom (884 males per 1000 females) in terms of sex ratio by state and Union Territories. Maharashtra trails seventh from bottom up with 896 males per 1000 females, while Karnataka and Tamil Nadu’s sex ratios are relatively better at 950 and 995 males per 1000 females respectively.

The Ashley Madison affair: what happened
21 July: A month ago, a group of hackers calling themselves Impact Team claimed to have hacked the Ashley Madison website. The hackers claimed to have gotten hold of user profiles, company financial records and other data. While Ashley Madison confirmed the hack, it did not provide details of the breach.

The hackers wanted Avid Life Media, Madison’s owner, to take down specifically the Ashley Madison and Established Men websites permanently or they would release all customer records and explicit details of users which would include real names, addresses, employee documents and emails. The hackers said that “And with over 37 million members, mostly from the US and Canada, a significant percentage of the population is about to have a very bad day, including many rich and powerful people.”

19 August: The hackers released a 10GB database file on BitTorrent and the dark web, which included email IDs, addresses, user descriptions, height, weight, passwords, partial credit card numbers and transaction details.

21 August: Yesterday, the hackers released another batch of 20GB data, twice as big as the first set, with a note to Avid Life CEO Noel Biderman stating, “Hey Noel, you can admit it’s real now”. An AP report stated that the data included hundreds of users from the US government, some of whom had/have sensitive jobs in the White House, Congress and law enforcement agencies.

The Register has an interesting breakdown of sexual orientation and marital status which states that ‘attached male seeking female’ led the data with over 18.3 million accounts/users, followed by ‘single male seeking female’ at over 12.6 million users. ‘Attached female seeking male’ was over 2.3 million users and ‘single female seeking male’ users were over 1.8 million.


As aside, here are some alternative headlines that our editor neither approved nor disapproved:

– Mumbaikars more loyal to their spouses than Delhiites, what happened next will blow your mind (We don’t know what happened next, either)

– Tech capital shames country with poor cheating figures; Delhi dances

– MediaNama employee defends Mumbai’s cheating habits, gets sacked for regionalism

– Hyderabad outshines Bangalore in cheating, India has a new tech capital

– In other news, Port Blair cheaters exceed the number of Port Blair residents (I’m looking at all of you holidaying in Port Blair)

Image Credit: Pixabay