I don’t know.

I don’t know what has been blocked – which site, which URL. I don’t know why. I don’t know who asked for it to be blocked. I don’t know when it was ordered to be blocked. My ISP’s customer care rep cannot explain it. I’m not able to access the site. It’s frustrating.

A notice on the site says that the DoT has asked for it to be blocked, or a court. I don’t know whether it’s the DoT or the court, or why. I want to read the site, but I don’t know who to ask for help. People ping me on Twitter telling me they’re unable to access some sites, but I am able to. Sometimes, sites work with one ISP, and not with another.


Sometimes they’re blocked in one particular city for an ISP, and it works with the same ISP in another city. I don’t know why. Sometimes it’s blocked on 2G and works on landline, sometimes it’s blocked on landline and works on mobile. I don’t know why. When people complain on Twitter, miraculously, the block is removed. I don’t know why, and if the block was done incorrectly, shouldn’t someone be held responsible?

I don’t know why an ISP can’t tell me exactly why a site has been blocked. Why it can’t publish a court order or a DoT notice telling me why it’s blocked. If I’m not being allowed to access something, don’t I deserve to know why? If I want the block removed, shouldn’t I be told how it can be removed? If a block is in error, how can we hold someone accountable? Why don’t I get to see a list of all the sites that have been blocked?  

Why the secrecy? Why the randomness? Is there anything that I can do to stop this? I don’t know.

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(Updates: The post has been updated to only include illustrative tweets, as was initially intended by the author)