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Social networking website Facebook’s Indian user base has grown by 5.6% from 118 million monthly active users (MAUs) in Q4 2014 (December 2014) to 125 million MAUs in Q1 2015 (March 2015), out of which 114 million were mobile MAUs. Facebook India’s daily active users (DAUs) are at 59 million in Q1, up from 55 million in Q4, out of which 53 million DAUs come through mobile (as opposed to 49 million DAUs in Q4), accounting for over 89.8% of Facebook’s daily traffic as of March 2015, the company informed Medianama. The US continues to be Facebook’s largest market, followed by India.

Global monthly and daily traffic: Globally, Facebook has 1.44 billion MAUs as of March 2015, up from 1.39 billion MAUs in December 2014, out of which 1.25 billion are mobile MAUs which, themselves, are up from 1.19 billion mobile MAUs in December 2014. Facebook adds that it has 936 million daily active users globally, up from 890 million in December last year. It also sees 798 million mobile DAUs, as compared to 745 million MAUs logged in Q4 2014.

Figures from last year: As of September 2014, Facebook had reported an increase of 12% (across desktop and mobile devices) in 6 months in its India user base from 100 million MAUs in April 2014 to 112 million MAUs in September 2014. Of this, about 90% of the users (about 99 million) used mobile devices to access the social networking site. Overall, Facebook saw 52 million users from the country access it on a daily basis, with about 45 million of them doing so, through their mobile phones.

Facebook video: A PBS report stated that Facebook had surpassed 4 billion daily video views in its native video player last month. 75% of those videos viewed globally were through mobile. Around 73% of Facebook’s ad revenues for the quarter ended March 31, 2015 were from mobile ads, up from 59% contribution in the same quarter last year and 69% contribution in the previous quarter.

Other Facebook developments:

– Earlier this week, Facebook’s Lite app for slow mobile connections has officially been launched for Android users in India and Philippines. The social networking major had started testing this app in January this year. The company claims that the app uses less data and is designed for 2G networks and areas with slow or unstable connections.

-Last week, Facebook announced that users could sign up for its Messenger service without having to create a Facebook account. The company said on its blog that the feature was currently live in Canada, the United States, Peru or Venezuela, without specifying a global roll out or India release dates. An ET report from earlier this month claimed that the Messenger app had 700 million monthly users, which were up 100 million monthly users from March this year.

– This month, Facebook also tweaked its algorithms which show what stories feature on people’s news feeds, now factoring in the amount of time people spend on a particular news story. The company claimed that the new changes factored in slow internet connections for time spent on a news story. The system would compare how long users looked at a particular story versus their general browsing habits to better identify which posts were relevant to users.

– Last month, Facebook was reportedly offering free ad credits to and making exclusive deals with video creators, actors and artists in India. With free ad credits, Facebook was asking content creators to make their content exclusive to Facebook for 48-72 hours before the content was uploaded to other video platforms like YouTube.

– In April, Facebook added a video calling feature in its Messenger app. However the feature was then limited to iOS and Android users in the US, UK, Mexico, Oman, Laos, Uruguay and some other European countries. Facebook mentioned that it would roll out the feature to other locations over the coming months.