Facebook announced that users can now sign up for its Messenger service without having to create a Facebook account. The company on its blog said that the feature is currently live in Canada, the United States, Peru or Venezuela and there’s no word when there is a global roll out or for India.

With the new pdate, users will be prompted by an option that says “Not on Facebook?” when they open the app. They can then sign up with their name, phone number and a photo.

The move is in line with Facebook’s efforts to be push Messenger to be a standalone platform which will also developers to create applications for the service. Since March, the Messenger Platform has more than 40 developers working to create applications. Here’s a complete list of applications on the Messenger platform.

Facebook also during its F8 conference said that it will be opening up Messenger for businesses and allows companies to have conversations with a person during a checkout flow, send updates like order confirmations and shipping status updates and ask free-form questions about the order, receiving quick responses.

Recent developments in Messenger

– Facebook added a video calling feature in the Messenger app, the social media giant revealed through a blog post. However the feature is currently limited to iOS and Android users in the US, UK, Mexico, Oman, Laos, Uruguay and some other European countries. Facebook mentions it will roll out the feature to other locations over the coming months.

– In March, Facebook announced that it will be allowing peer-to-peer money transfers over its Messenger application and it will be rolled out first in the United States. To send money users will see a “$” icon on their Messenger application and will have to tap on it and type in the amount they want to transfer.

– Facebook’s Messenger platform, a dedicated chat interface for the web, is now live. Messages can still be sent via, however Messenger is targeted for those who want to exclusively chat on the platform without the clutter of the social content from the main site.

– In 2014, Facebook added voice calling feature in its Messenger app for Android app users in India.