lycostvDigital marketing solutions company Ybrant Digital, which was rebranded as Lycos Internet last year, has reported digital marketing revenues of Rs 315.18 crore for the quarter ended March 31, 2015, registering a significant decrease of 36.08% from Rs 493.09 crore last quarter, although registering an increase of 5.84% percent year-on-year (YoY) from 297.80 crore the same quarter last year.

The profit before tax for the segment stood at Rs 147.87 crores, an increase of 4.11% from Rs 142.02 crores last quarter, and a 93.24% increase from Rs 76.52 crore YoY. Overall, the consolidated revenues of the company for Q4-FY15 stood at Rs 444.88 crore, a decrease of 25.31% from Rs 595.67 crore the last quarter and an increase of 9.03% YoY.

Software development revenues: Revenues from the software development business increased, with the segment reporting revenues of Rs 129.69 crore for the quarter, up 26.24% from Rs 102.58 crore in the last quarter and an increase of 17.86% from the corresponding quarter last year.

Patent Sale: Earlier this month Lycos Internet put up for sale a number of patents it holds across segments like search engine technology, online advertising and online gaming among others. Intellectual Property consultation initiative Propeller(y) would help Lycos Internet make the IP portfolio available to the industry for acquisition or licensing.

Lycos mentioned that the decision to focus on its IP portfolio was not an attempt to gain entitlement for IP external innovation, but essentially to create a more collaborative relationship with partners and the industry. Apparently, some of the patents held by Lycos have forwards citations in the hundreds and all of them describe technologies that are critically relevant for the online and mobile industries. These also have applications in emerging fields such as Internet of Things.

Rebranding: In September last year, Ybrant Digital informed that it intended to consolidate all its media properties and rename the company as Lycos Internet limited. This new entity now has two divisions: Lycos Media, which includes the company’s network of community and social sites, and Ybrant Digital, which looks after the company’s digital marketing business. The company received approval (pdf) for this rebranding from its shareholders and the Registrar of Companies (RoC) in October 2014. Note that Ybrant had acquired Lycos from Korea’s Daum Communications for $36 million in an all-cash deal back in August 2010.

Financials: Lycos posted an overall net profit after tax stood at Rs 77.33 crores, a decrease of 21.77% QoQ and an increase of 120.06% YoY. The total operational revenue was at Rs 444.88 crore, down 25.31% from Rs 595.66 crore last quarter.

Download: Financials (pdf)

Image source: Lycos