HT Media

Media company HT Media has reported digital revenues of Rs 15.41 crore for the quarter ended March 31, 2015, registering a 18.26% growth from Rs 13.03 crore in the same quarter last year and a 4.83% growth from Rs 14.70 crore in the previous quarter.

The segment however continued to report losses: Rs 13.35 crore loss for the quarter as against Rs 5.40 crore loss in the same quarter last year and Rs 11.08 crore loss in the previous quarter. financials:

According to the company presentation, HT Media’s job portal business has registered a 33% year-on-year (YoY) revenue growth for the quarter. Note that HT Media only discloses Shine’s revenue growth on a yearly basis for each quarter and has never disclosed Shine’s exact revenues.

Digital contributes only 4.19% of HT Media’s revenues

It’s also worth noting that digital revenues accounted for just 4.19% of HT Media’s operational income that was at Rs 36.773 crore for the quarter. The company’s newspaper & periodicals printing business still contributes a majority of its revenues. However, it slipped from 96.30% of HT Media’s operational income in the previous quarter to 88.8% in Q4 FY15 quarter.


– Total revenue up 2.5% to Rs 36.77 crore from Rs 35.84 crore in the same quarter last year.
– Profit After Tax (PAT) declined by 33.32% to Rs 49.29 crore from Rs 73.92 crore in Q3-FY14.
– Print revenues were down from Rs 52.28 crore in this quarter as opposed to Rs 55.32 crore in the previous quarter, but up from Rs 49.56 crore from Q4 2014
–Radio and entertainment revenues accounted for Rs 2.52 crore, slightly down from Rs 2.58 crore the previous quarter, also against Rs 2.28 crore in the same quarter last year.


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