Who doesn’t love a good ol’ slugfest on Twitter where companies go on trolling each other. It makes great entertainment for a few hours and you would love to get some popcorn to watch it all go down. We’ve seen Flipkart and Amazon, two of India’s largest ecommerce companies, go at each other (mildly) when a Reddit user found a picture of Amazon’s packaging at a Flipkart office.

Last week, Stayzilla took its gloves off, cracked its knuckles and decided to give Oyo Rooms a hard tweeting for violating their trademarks on Google ads. Stayzilla and Oyo are competitors in the hotel room booking space. Suhasini Kandaswamy, an intellectual property lawyer, points out that Oyo had started off the fight as the company had used Stayzilla’s trademark and brand name on Google Adwords copy in a move to steal traffic. This is not only a trademark violation but also a strong violation of Google’s advertising policy.

Stayzilla decided that it was going to start a number of #OyoMama jokes to get the point across.

To be fair, Oyo responded to Stayzilla’s tweets and said that they would get back to them after fixing the issue.  


But Stayzilla was having none of it and said it wanted to dole out some punishment…. 

…. And then let the tweets of shame slip! Here’s some we liked:   



Oyo tried fighting back but only found themselves outclassed.   


Stayzilla fired back with this one. One that would be a turning point in this match of wits. 

Finally, Oyo yielded and tried to sneak one last one at Stayzilla….   

… but Stayzilla’s tweet-fu was not going to let that happen.   

The end and in the words of Ron Burgundy,