Google Store

Google has launched a new online store specifically for selling hardware “made with Google” called Google Store. Consumers will now be able to learn about and buy Android phones & tablets, Android Wear watches, Chromebooks, Nest devices, media streaming devices (Chromecast), and other related accessories on the Google Store. The Play Store will be dedicated to digital content, and the Devices section on the Play Store now redirects to the Google Store.

Google Store looks quite similar to Apple’s online store, with separate tabs for each product. It’s accessible on the web, as well as on tablets and phones. Note that all purchases on the Google Store have to be done using the Google Wallet. Those who have earlier made purchases on the Play Store already have a Google Wallet account and can use the same on the Google Store. Learn more here.

Google has also launched the updated Chromebook Pixel, though it’s currently available only in the US. It’s worth noting that Google has also opened its first branded store called The Google Shop in London. This store will sell Android devices, Chromebooks and Chromecast dongles. Two more stores are expected to be opened in the UK later this year.

In December last year, Google finally launched its media streaming device Chromecast in India, about 18 months after its global debut. Chromecast allows users to wirelessly stream online content (videos, music, photos) from their phones, tablets and laptops to the television over WiFi, It also allows users to stream local content from their Android phones and tablets running on Android 4.4.2 ‘KitKat‘ and later.