Tablet maker Eddy has partnered with Cartoon Network to launch two tablets for children. According to the company, the tablets are scratch-proof, drop safe, come with preinstalled leaning apps and feature strong parental controls.

The devices, dubbed Creativity and Ben 10, have the same specifications. Both feature an Intel Atom processor, a 7” 1024*600 resolution screen, 16GB of inbuilt storage, bluetooth, WiFi, 2MP front and back cameras and a 2800mAh battery which the company claims can last for up to five hours. On the software front, the devices feature Android 4.2.2 with a proprietary Athena OS installed on top.

While the specifications are the same, the tablets differ in what they come preinstalled with. The Creativity tablet includes over 150 art and craft activity videos from M.A.D, music and dance videos and apps, 30 pre installed apps exploring various hobbies and an access to a library of over 100 children’s books and 20 games. The Ben 10 tab, on the other hand, comes with a library of over 1000 books, ‘learning zones’, over 15 hours of Ben 10 episodes and a collection of more than 20 games.

As for the pricing, the Ben 10 tab costs Rs 9999 while the Creativity tab costs Rs 8999. Eddy offers another tablet, called ‘Learning’ which is priced at Rs 7999. This tablet comes with over 160 pre installed apps in English, Maths, Geography etc and claims to focus on the core skills of a child’s development. While the ‘Learning’ tablet is targeted towards children aged 2 to 10, the other tablets are targeted at children aged 3 and up. Currently, the devices are sold by Eddy on its website as well as on Amazon.in and Snapdeal.com.

Overall, the tablets look like a normal plastic tablet with a protective rubber covering and some pre installed apps for kids. The specifications seem on par with other devices which are similarly priced, with the added advantage of children’s apps. However, the tablet comes with a proprietary OS on top and it seems unlikely to feature Google Play, which will limit the utility of the device.

Update: Speaking to Medianama, Eddy clarified that it does not levy any markup on purchases made through the tablet nor does it plan to monetize content separately. The tablets also feature the Google Play store although it is kept hidden when a child uses the tablet. The company added that it has an exclusive partnership only with Amazon to sell the tablets. The tablets listed on Snapdeal seem out of stock.