Twitter earlier this week announced that it is introducing ads outside its own platform, which could be the start of a bigger advertising network. On its blog, the company said that it would be partnering with news application Flipboard and Yahoo Japan to syndicate its promoted tweets to allow advertisers to reach people who are not on Twitter itself.

Twitter said that the new partnerships could open significant opportunities for brands who advertise on the social media site to extend the reach of their message to a larger audience. It added  in the third quarter of 2014, it saw approximately 185 Billion Tweet impressions off its platforms.

How it would work

If a brand, say Nissan, is running a promoted tweet campaign on Twitter, it could reach a similar audience on a Flipboard’s mobile app and use the same targeting and creative. Nissan could run the campaigns both on Twitter and Flipboard simultaneously with the same creative and targeting. Because Flipboard already integrates organic tweets into the app, the promoted tweet will have the same look and feel that is native to the Flipboard experience.

Twitter Flipboard ad

Other developments at Twitter

– Earlier this month, Twitter announced that it would be opening an R&D centre in Bangalore following it’s acusition of Zipdial. Prior to the deal, Twitter and ZipDial had developed a platform where users could get could receive tweets from a Twitter account via SMS by dialing a phone number. Rishi Jaitly, head of Twitter India, added that similar approaches would be now developed to provide a “taste” of Twitter to those with limited internet access and tempting them to download their app.

– Twitter also introduced group ‘Direct Messages’ to its platform and introduced features to capture, edit and share videos via its mobile app.

– Twitter also now provides Hindi and Urdu translations through Bing.