LinkedIn has launched Lead Accelerator, a lead generation product for advertisers. The company mentions its acquisition of Bizo in August 2014 enabled the making of this product, which is an expansion to its marketing solutions platform.

LinkedIn had previously acquired the business audience marketing platform for $175 million (90% cash + 10% stock). The company had mentioned then, that it would create an end-to-end B2B marketing platform for brands by making use of its existing content marketing products like Sponsored updates among others.

The Lead Accelerator will be available in most markets globally, although LinkedIn did not specifically mention which countries. According to the company the product is the most significant of its integrated Marketing Solutions suite, and can deliver relevant advertisements and content to both anonymous and known consumers anywhere online. Additionally, the product has features to sequence ads and content based on individual consumers, deliver content through targeted display and social ads, and use A/B testing to optimize ads and messaging, among others.

The Lead Accelerator platform also includes AutoFill a form-fill tool that helps increase conversion rates and an analytics tool that helps marketers design campaigns and then track, measure and improve impact across various metrics. The product is currently available in English but will be expanded to other languages over time.

LinkedIn mentions its currently has over 100 pilot customers using its Lead Accelerator platform, including eCornell, Lenovo, Localytics, Salesforce, Samsung and VMware among others. The company claims using its product, Localytics’s conversion rates increased (pdf) by 50%, while Lenovo’s cost per lead decreased by 60%. The product will be available to users on a quarterly or annual subscription basis, although the company did not mention the actual costs. Other than this, LinkedIn’s marketing solutions contain four other products including Sponsored Updates, Display Advertising, Sponsored InMail and Text Ads, which it will now offer as an end-to-end marketing platform for brands.


Note that in Q4-FY14, LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions revenue was at $153 million for the quarter, up 46.1% YoY. Marketing solutions accounted around 23.8% of the company’s total revenues in the quarter.

Overall the company had reported 93 million average unique monthly visiting members for the quarter ended December 31, 2014, up 3.3% from 90 million in the previous quarter and up 22.4% from 76 million in the same quarter last year.