Pune-based ViralMint, which provides an on-site marketing solution for online retailers, has launched ViralMint Xchange (VMX), a web monetization framework to help content creators and publishers promote advertiser products and discounts, reports afaqs.

The platform works by providing publishers with code to integrate on their websites. Once this is done, publishers can choose from among ViralMint’s inventory of products from various retailers, to find products and discounts relevant to their target audience. These affiliate products are then displayed as either widgets (a column of 2-3 items), or as a ‘storefront’ (rows and columns listing multiple items), on their websites. Products displayed are auto-synced to reflect price changes etc., in real-time.


ViralMint provides users with commission for each referral sale. The platform also provides publishers with various themes and layouts to suit their website, a dashboard to manage affiliate campaigns in real-time and track earnings and insights and analytics.

According to ViralMint, the platform currently lists over 10 million products for publishers to choose from. Founded in 2012, the company currently offers four products – Offer Mint, Push Mint, Buddy Mint and Kart Mint. Offer Mint lets e-commerce businesses offer discount coupons to its customers in return for social actions like Facebook Like & Share, Tweet, Google +1, subscribing to a newsletter or answering any poll questions among others.

Buddy Mint lets ecommerce website users create a poll based on their shopping list and share it on social media, to let friends vote to help make a decision. Kart Mint monitors the activity of the visitor on the website and when customers are about to close the browser window, an offer is made to tempt them to stay, while Push Mint lets businesses create edit and push on-screen notification promotions on their website.

ViralMint currently offers 3 tier based plans which cost $15, $50 and $100 per month respectively, depending on the features offered. As of now, it claims to work with over 2000 advertisers and 400 publishers across the globe. The company had previously also introduced an on-site behavioral and predictive targeting feature back in 2013.