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Sony Music has launched an art & craft-focused online channel for children called MadStuffWithRob on YouTube, reports The Times of India. The videos will feature Rob, who also hosts a similar show on Pogo called M.A.D.

Rob will teach kids easy way to draw complicated objects & make DIY stuff, give them art tips & tricks, show them interesting ways to recycle and upcycle, and host workshops. The videos are expected to be 3-5 minutes long tutorials, with separate videos for art and craft.

Last year in November, Sony Music had launched a Madboys Entertainment-produced web-only series on YouTube called Happy To Be Single targeting Tamil speaking audiences. The series stretched for 5 episodes, each about 10-12 minutes. At the time, creative head of Madboys Entertainment and director of the series Shreekarthick had told Medianama that they wanted to bring sponsors/brands onboard for the first season but failed to do so as the concept of a web-only series was new. They were looking to partner with brands for title sponsorship or in-videos ads for the next season.

Monetization: In case of MadStuffWithRob, syndication of content can be a good way to monetize the channel, especially since Rob is a well-known name on TV. Branded merchandise is another option. During the show Rob would be teaching kids to make various quirky and fun things, some of which could be sold online or at offline retail outlets. However, all of this is speculation as Sony Music hasn’t said anything about monetisation as yet.

Peekaboo: Recently, Rajshri Entertainment launched an animated nursery rhymes online video channel called Peekaboo on YouTube. The videos feature The Dubby Dubs, a set of animated characters that help interpret traditional nursery rhymes in new way. Peekaboo videos will also be available on Dailymotion, MSN, DigiVive and Vuclip. New videos will be uploaded on the YouTube channel every Friday.

MadStuffWithRob will be competing with Disney India’s Art Attack hosted by Gaurav, which is a TV show but also has online content.