Realty Compass LogoProperty search engine RealtyCompass has launched a tool called ‘ProjectCompass’, which can be used by home buyers to compare & analyse projects across various real estate websites. The tool is currently available as a browser plugin for chrome and can be downloaded via the chrome web store.

How it works: Once installed, the extension works by automatically showing up as a popup toolbar on real estate websites. A user has to be on a property page for the toolbar to show up. The toolbar then displays three buttons: analysis, similar projects and compare prices.

Hovering over the analysis button displays a project rating, a builder rating and various builder details, an amenities rating based on amenities available, and a connectivity rating based on the distance from stations etc, of the project.

The similar projects tab displays various projects in the same price range, in the same area along with a project rating. Clicking on one of these projects takes the user to the project in question on RealtyCompass. The toolbar also allows a user to compare these projects on RealtyCompass. The third option, compare prices, displays the price range for the same property on various websites that feature the property. Clicking on one of these takes the user to the project page on that website.


As of now RealtyCompass claims its toolbar supports 12 real estate websites other than itself, including CommonFloor, 99Acres, Indiaproperty, Indiahomes, Proptiger, Makaan and Favista among others. Note that the plugin does not support https protocol as of now, so and other https based websites are not supported. However, the company told Medianama that it is shifting its website to adopt https protocol by next week, consequently the plugin will support such websites from then on.

Bugs: As of now, a user has to stay on the property page till it loads completely for the plugin toolbar to display. If a user switches tabs or windows before the toolbar appears, it will not appear at all. The company told Medianama that it is currently working on fixing this.

Currently the plugin is available only on Chrome, although the company mentioned that it would extend it to Firefox and Safari users, if it sees the plugin gain traction.