Radioone-songdew-logoNext Mediaworks owned online radio network Radio One has partnered with the social network for artists and their listeners Songdew, to allow its artists to broadcast music over Radio One. The partnership will also allowed Songdew artists from Delhi to participate in the Radio One October Contest and get featured on the show ‘Delhi Drive’.

Songdew currently offers a social platform for musicians and their fans to interact with peers and listeners, and to publish, promote, distribute and sell music. Users can register on the platform through Facebook and follow the projects and bands they like. The platform aims to make music discovery easy, with features to search for specific artists, browse genres of music, compiled playlists in various categories, gig listing etc.

Artists on the platform can invite other artists to collaborate as well, either publicly or privately. If the artist accepts the invitation, a Project is created where collaborating artists can exchange files and ideas to create new music. Other than this, artists get a customizable profile page to showcase their work, publish their work and receive reviews and comments, promote using banners, widgets and emailers, and sell on the Songdew store.

Radio One service resumption: Radio One had resumed its online radio service in September last year, after having stopped online music streaming in June 2012 due to licensing issues. Strangely, the platform still does not have a dedicated Android or iOS app, an issue we had pointed out then. The site also features links to YouTube and Livestream channels, although the content is old and promotional.

Earlier this year, Radio One was one of the companies against whom the Sony-owned digital media company MSM received an interim injunction from the Delhi High court preventing Radio One from providing live cricket updates and commentary online during the India-New Zealand series.

Radio One is an online radio platform, which currently offers its services in Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. Users can listen to free streaming music from its website or real time streaming links provided for iOS, Android and Blackberry, with each of the aforementioned cities getting its own channel. With this partnership, Radio One will be able to provide its listeners with unique content, while users of Songdew will benefit from the increased exposure.