The Ministry of Tourism has launched another travel app called ‘Tripigator’ for Android, after releasing the less glamorous but more informative ‘Incredible India’ app in September this year.

Tripigator is a travel-planning app that customises itinerary according to the user’s preferences such as budget, number of people travelling and month of travel. It also takes into account criteria such as trip type (premium, economic or luxurious), interests (adventure, wildlife etc.) and the energy level of the trip (relaxed, normal and active.) For those who don’t have a place in mind but still want to travel, the app gives suggestions based on the input.

How it works?

After the initial details have been filled in, the app suggests places to go, modes of transportation that would get you to the place and an estimate of the budget. The app and the website both provide enough information to help you choose your next travel destination. The app also lists flight numbers and timings and provides a total estimate of how much time the entire trip would take. Other useful information the app offers is the best time to travel to a particular place, things to do, routes to eateries and chemists etc. The app also has a ‘Near me now’ option that lets users plan short 1-2 day trips to nearby locations.

TripigatorTripigator app

Why we love the app?

  1. The interface is smooth with a very modern feel, even though the ‘collaborate’ option is annoying.
  2. Users can share their itinerary with others.
  3. The search criteria are detailed and the activities that the app suggests are all customised as per the details entered.
  4. The pictures are fun to look at and sometimes even convincing enough to plan the next trip there.

Why we dislike the app?

  1. The app does not facilitate bookings at all.
  2. Options of government lodgings are missing from the app. Note that this feature is missing in the Incredible India app as well. Listing government hotels and bus services will help the Ministry of Tourism generate more revenue and make travel affordable and safe.
  3. It has very mainstream travel data that every other app has. All the hotels and places it suggests can be found easily in travel guides.

A number of users of the app have also complained that the information about places is outdated and that there are some travel destinations that are not featured in the app at all. The developers have just released a 1.2 version of the app and are still in the process of updating and adding more content.