…we’d like you to consider doing a small thing that might make a big difference to someone. For a while now, I’ve thought of launching a platform that allows companies to donate their old computers to schools in need. It appears simple enough, but when you start going into the details, like most things, it becomes overwhelming: figuring out pickup and delivery, ensuring that companies list available computers, and schools post their requirements, and those requirements are genuine.

To my simplistic, naive mind, it addresses potential e-waste, but above all, it offers kinds in need access to a toy that opens up a new world to them, and allows them an opportunity of upward mobility because of a skill set and knowledge that they might pick up. Access to a device, the Internet, an opportunity to learn programming coupled with (potentially) the hunger to do something in life… why not? But it’s a big ask to put something like that together and run it, and I hope that someone, some time, does it.

Until then, do consider donating a computer to a school or a family in need that you know of: gift them access to knowledge and learning. That’s a different kind if illumination.

From all of us at MediaNama, thank you for your support. We wish you all the happiness, knowledge and growth this festive season, and in the year ahead. Happy Diwali.