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Online advertising network and media technology company, Komli Media has launched an integrated cross-channel CRM remarketing platform RevX. The platform will enable marketers to leverage consumer insights across web, mobile and CRM to reach users across devices. The Mumbai-based company claims that marketers will have complete control over integration of their customer data with RevX, which will allow them to create and deploy personalized campaigns across multiple channels, including display, mobile and Facebook.

Besides CRM remarketing, RevX also offers integrations with Facebook’s custom audience targeting, website custom audience and Facebook Exchange. Marketers will be able to use CRM data the way e-mail IDs or phone numbers are generally used to run cross-device campaigns on Facebook.


Komli’s remarketing platform: In May this year, Komli Media added a mobile retargeting platform to its Remarketing Demand Side Platform (RDSP), which was launched in February to allow digital marketers to convert dropped-off and dormant visitors into potential customers through personalized targeted ad campaigns. At the time, the company had said it had been running campaigns across several verticals, including e-commerce, travel and finance, and also mentioned that it had signed up customers like Myntra for the RDSP platform.

Social ads platform: Komli Media had tied-up with Adquant, a social advertising company and a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD), in June this year to launch a social ads platform. Following the partnership, Komli got exclusive rights to offer the Adquant platform across the Asia Pacific region.

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