Flat.to launches mobile app ‘Flatchat’ with assistant service

Flat.toCommonFloor owned student and bachelor accommodation focused portal, Flat.to launched a new mobile app called Flatchat, which lets users looking for a place or flatmates to chat with each other by matching them by requirement. Currently the app is available for Android users, with the iOS app scheduled for release within the next three weeks.

Apart from allowing users with similar requirements to chat with each other, Flatchat also claims to provide an assistant service, which will act as a one point contact for finding available places. On contacting the ‘assistant’, the team assigned will find places matching the user’s requirement and give ‘available’ options. Flat.to, which was acquired by CommonFloor earlier this year, also said it would continue to operate independently and hire aggressively for marketing and product teams.

GOQii Inc launches GOQii Life programme as an Amazon exclusive

GOQii LogoFitness tracking solutions provider GOQii Inc, which had launched the water resistant GOQii Band earlier this year, has launched an Amazon exclusive package called the ‘GOQii Life programme’ which includes the Band, a mobile app and personal coaching service for fitness enthusiasts. Interestingly, while the company claims this to be an Amazon exclusive launch, the product is available on its own website as well.

At launch, the package will contain the GOQii band, the GOQii personal coach service and the app which is available for both, Android and iOS devices. The starting price of the package is at Rs 3999 for a 3 month plan, Rs 6999 for a 6 month plan and Rs 11,999 for a 12 month plan.

BreathingRoom launches app to rent temporary workspaces

Privately held Pune-based startup BreathingRoom launched an app of the same name, which lets users find workspaces in cities, reports Nextbreathingroom-logoBigWhat. The app works by providing users with list of commercial workspaces near the user’s location on rent, on an hourly basis.

The app can accept bookings up to 3 days in advance and also displays information about available time lots, as well as the reservations made by other users for the same space. The spaces the company rents out are provided by various firms with extra workspaces. The app currently provides its services in Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Hong Kong.