apolloairtellogoApollo Hospitals has partnered with Airtel Nigeria, to enable video consultation for Airtel’s Premier customers with doctors from Apollo Hospitals in India, with a prior appointment. Along with this service, the hospital said it plans to work with Airtel to create health awareness, with an emphasis on preventive health care, in the African country.

Currently, the service offers a 10% discount on doctor consultation fees and provides an additional discount of 5-10% on Emirates Airlines flight if the customer wishes to fly to India for further medical attention. The service is available only to Airtel’s ‘Premier’ customers in Nigeria and can be availed by calling 09022222006 or 09022222007. According to Airtel, it will also provide consultation facilities at Diamond Helix Medical Assistance , Lagos, every Saturday at noon for three hours.

Other than the hospital service, Airtel Premier currently offers a dedicated helpline, a relationship manager, exclusive email and website, participation in the Airtel Rewards program, an exclusive access to service points at Airtel showrooms and access to over 600 lounges across the world, to its customers. The service was first launched in April this year.

Airtel had previously tied-up with Religare Technologies and its healthcare delivery arm Fortis Healthcare, to launch Mediphone, a telephone based health care advice or tele-triage service, in India. The 24X7 service allowed Airtel subscribers to call and speak with credited doctors, and avail healthcare advice through their mobile phone.

Similar developments

– Telecom operator Aircel had tied up with the Apollo Hospital Group to launch a medical consultation service via mobile, called Aircel Apollo Mobile HealthCare. Tata Indicom had also launched a ‘Doctor on Call’ services in partnership with Healthcaremagic, to offer consultation services for acute or chronic emergency situations.

– Although not a telecom operator, Delhi based classifieds business GetIt Infoservices, had introduced a new feature called ‘Call Getit’ on 44444444, which allowed Getit users to book an appointment with a doctor, based on their preferred location, timing, doctor’s reviews and ratings, and to receive alerts on confirmation or cancellation of the appointment through SMS or E-mail. Startup eHealth Access (now evaidya.com) also lets patients, including international ones, book appointments with doctors, for a phone or email consultation.