Netcore CEO, Girish Nair has quit the company to join Tandem Capital, a Silicon Valley based mobile acceleration fund. The fund focuses on investments in mobile, e-commerce and digital space. He will join Tandem Capital as a partner. Netcore offers enterprise communication which includes on-premise, on-cloud messaging and archiving solutions and digital marketing.

When contacted by Medianama, Nair said that, in India, the company has invested in Shoptimize, an e-commerce technology enabler which is planning to launch a social shopping portal soon. The seed fund company is also in the process of closing rounds of a few other companies in the mobile payments and specialized vertical applications space. Tandem Capital has also invested in companies like Shoe Lovers, Quadnode, ZumoDrive globally, among others.

Nair joined Netcore in 2005 as the COO and was involved in launching MyToday and MyToday SMS. He then took over as the CEO in October 2011 after Abhijit Saxena resigned to start his own mobile agency. Prior to joining Netcore, Nair joined Siebel where he was Senior Director and managed several engineering groups. He also worked in the Silicon Valley for 15 years with different sizes of companies, ranging from startups to mid-sized companies to large public enterprises. He started his career as a developer of automation products at Consilium (later acquired by Applied Materials) and helped build the mission critical automated material handling system at Intel’s factory in Ireland. Later, Nair joined  a start-up Webvan, where he was responsible for the deployment, scalability and technology integration and make operational Webvan’s first distribution center.