NDTV Convergence has partnered mobile ad network InMobi to introduce native ads on its mobile app.


The publisher claims to be the first publisher in India to offer a fully native ad experience on mobile, however note that its competitor Times Of India has also been featuring native ads on its mobile site and iOS app from last month.

While the terms of the partnership were not disclosed, InMobi mentions that NDTV will feature a series of in-stream ad units native to its news content.

InMobi had launched its native ads platform in May this year, after carrying out a beta launch in January this year. InMobi had mentioned that the platform will offer in-context mobile ad units like in-stream ads, icons and news feeds to publishers. They will also have access to global campaigns from app developers, brand marketers and and commerce advertisers on the InMobi ad network.

InMobile had then claimed this platform could also auto-stitch ads on the fly by using creative assets like taglines, logos, call-to-action and other data, provided by advertisers. In April this year, InMobi CEO Naveen Tewari had claimed that since the beta in January, over 20 billion native ads had been served for 100 publishers including Tango and TextMe, across 35 countries, touching 250 million users.

InMobi had also launched a mobile programmatic buying and selling platform called InMobi Exchange in May this year. The platform was launched in association with Rubicon Project and InMobi claimed was this was the first exchange in the world to support mobile native ads.

AntFarm’s* native advertising business Fork Media had also launched a native advertising platform Brand Press in November last year while IDG Ventures-backed Vserv had also stated plans of adding native advertising formats for apps and publishers in news and information category earlier this year.

*Disclosure: Ant Farm is an advertiser with Medianama