DailyO Logo

(By Vivek & Vikas SN)

It looks like The India Today Group has launched a new opinion-oriented site called DailyO that provides commentary on news from various categories like politics, sports, life, sci-tech, money, humour and art & culture.

A NewsLaundry report suggests that this site is part of the India Today’s online operations revamp and is expected to be a direct competitor to Network18’s FirstPost. That being said, note that The Wall Street Journal also a similar views-on-news property called India Real Time, although it is part of The Wall Street Journal website itself unlike DailyO.

Inspired by Medium

From the looks of it, DailyO seems to have been heavily inspired by the collaborative publishing service Medium. It features a similar distraction-free reading interface for articles along with the time duration one would require to read any specific article. One can also sign in with their Twitter credentials to add paragraph annotations.

The only significant difference is probably the homepage which features a thumbnail-based featured articles section followed by what seems to be a chronological list of articles in an infinite scrolling format. It’s also worth noting that none of the stories are dated on the site, probably due to the focus on opinions.


After signing up, users can click on the ‘O’ logo to open a Medium-like sidebar through which users can apparently add a new story, access their drafts, profile and their favourite stories. However, the story addition feature is not live at the time of writing this article. The website also has a twitter channel, although it has not posted a single tweet yet.

Need? Through this portal, India Today seems to be looking at reaching out to users to write opinions on any specific topic by launching a clone of Medium, since that is currently one of the trending services globally right now. However, we are not quite sure as to why will users choose this service over existing services like Medium and Tumblr. Anyone?