Tamilnadu Arasu Cable TV CorporationRailTel

Tamil Nadu based Arasu Cable has partnered with broadband and VPN services provider RailTel Corporation of India to offer broadband services to its customer base, reports Business Standard. Apparently, a pilot project was conducted in Vellore with about 1000 subscribers being provided access to broadband services through cable TV connections. The service is expected to go live within two months, though tariff structures and other details haven’t been finalized yet.

The Chennai-based MSO claims to have over 7 million subscribers, and provides cable TV services at Rs 70 per month. Broadband services would be provided in collaboration with local cable operators.

Will RailTel finally deliver?

Over the years RailTel has announced several ambitious plans, but very few (if any) have been successfully implemented. Earlier this year, the Indian Railways proposed introduction of Wi-Fi facility at A1 and A category stations and in 50 rakes of important trains, like Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duranto in collaboration with RailTel. The company will, apparently, provide the Wi-Fi facility in stations through independent internet service providers (ISPs).

It’s worth noting that in 2006 the then RailTel AGM (Business Development & Public Relations) Shailesh Tiwari had said that it plans to create Wi-Fi hotspots in 500 stations and also plans to extend the service to neighbouring areas, in an interview. Over 8 years have passed since then, but no tangible progress has been made.

That’s not all, back in March 2012 RailTel partnered with TELiBrahma to purportedly launch Blu-Fi services in Bangalore railway station. This was 5 years after initially announcing plans for introducing Wi-Fi at Bangalore and Jaipur stations.