Twitter has introduced its Promoted Video platform, in beta test phase. It’s aimed at advertisers and content creators twitter-amplifylooking to distribute video content through its platform. The platform is currently available only to a limited group of partners.

The company had initially begun testing this feature back in March in partnership with the NBA. The platform enables a brand or content creator to upload videos on Twitter while allowing them to measure the effectiveness and penetration of the content. Advertisers will be able to choose to run ads via a Cost Per View ad model, meaning they end up paying only when a user starts playing the video. Twitter will also provide campaigners with video analytic tools, including the completion percentage and a breakout of organic vs paid video views.

Twitter Amplify:

The Promoted Video feature builds upon the Twitter Amplify program, which was released in India with cricket content from Star Sports. The Amplify service lets broadcasters publish live feed from TV and other media to Twitter. This tweet is then circulated to people who not only follow the account, but also those who have shown any remote interest in the content, including people posting or replying to such a tweet. Users who choose to view the video can do so without leaving Twitter. Viacom, NFL and BBC Global News had used the Amplify platform last year to reach larger audiences.

The main difference between Amplify and Promoted Videos is that while the former requires a deal with Twitter, the latter will be made available to a broader group of advertisers.

Twitter Ads:

Twitter also announced a beta launch of objective-based campaigns, reports and pricing for its advertising platform, Twitter Ads. The new campaign manager will let advertisers select from a range of objectives including driving website clicks, app installs, Tweet engagements, gaining followers etc. and then suggests the best ad format to use for each objective. Metrics most relevant to the campaign goal will be made available to the advertisers, which can be downloaded into a CSV file.

Twitter will also implement a cost-per-click model wherein advertisers only pay when the user clicks on the ad like, plays a video or clicks on an app install. Currently the beta platform is only available to SMBs and API partners with Twitter claiming to roll it out via invitations over the next few months.

Ad revenues: It’s worth noting that mobile advertising accounted for 81% of Twitter’s total ad revenues in Q4-FY14. Mobile advertising revenue for the quarter was $224.4 million. In the previous quarter it accounted for 80% of Twitter’s ad revenues, and 67% in the corresponding quarter last year.

Twitter in India:

-In May this year, Twitter stopped supporting Indian carriers for 2-step authentication or SMS alerts. The move was not officially announced and while some Airtel customers were able to use 2-step authentication, India was not even listed on Twitter’s supported mobile carriers page.

-StarSports and TenTenTen Digital Products had launched an instant replay service for the last few matches of the IPL on Twitter.

-Twitter was noted taking strange surveys in June this year, to try and get relationship data between users.

-The company started experimenting with ‘Buy Now’ cards in July this year that lets users buy products without leaving its app.