Star Sports has partnered with Twitter Amplify to find a larger audience for its content, with Vodafone India as a sponsor. As a result of the partnership, people from India will be shown clips from Start Sports in their timelines, even if they don’t follow Star Sports’ or Vodafone India’ accounts on Twitter.

Twitter Amplify is a service that allows broadcasters to publish live TV and other video feeds on Twitter. Furthermore, as opposed to a tweet from the broadcaster — which mostly circulates around the people who have followed its account, Twitter Amplifier pushes the tweet to anyone who has remotely shown interest to the content — even people posting or replying to any such tweet.

It’s worth mentioning that Twitter Amplify helps the broadcaster — in this case, Star Sports — to get advertising support from sponsors and advertising partners for their Twitter updates. The user, who sees the videos is able to watch them without leaving Twitter.

Vodafone India plays the role of an advertiser in this partnership. We are yet to learn if the mobile operator will push its ads in the video feed, though a tweet suggests that it will have its ad banners around the video. 

It’s also note worthy that this is the first time any Indian media firm has used Twitter Amplify. Last year, Viacom used Twitter Amplify to surge its second-screen volume, whereas sports league NFL joined the programme to bring its exclusive content. BBC Global News also used the service to get wider audience.