linguanextPune-based application language management company LinguaNext has announced the availability of the Quikr and Yepme mobile apps in Hindi through its ‘Linguify.Mobile’ platform reports While Linguify.Mobile was ready as a platform back in 2012 this is its first completed project.

Linguify.Mobile is a translation solution for mobile applications which claims to localize any app in any language without changing the underlying code and it does this by translating data and text on screen to the user’s language of choice in real-time. The platform is targeted at enterprises and app developers wanting to reach regional customers in different languages. Linguify.Mobile currently supports the Android platform and interested developers can submit their app here for a quote and an estimated deployment timeline.

LinguaNext had previously raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Helion Ventures in January this year. The company had also acquired Image Point in India in 2010 for an undisclosed amount. It currently lists institutions such as the Reserve Bank of India, TCS, Wipro, State Bank of India and German software maker SAP as its clients.

Other services: Other than mobile, the company offers Linguify.Desktop to translate any Windows application, Linguify.Reports to produce translated formatted reports from any software and Linguify.Plugin to translate web applications. It also offers translations for applications with Linguify.S for translating SAP applications, Linguify.O for enabling Oracle eBiz suite in multiple languages, Linguify.Banks to enable core banking software in multiple languages and Linguify.HR for HRMS software to be used in multiple languages. Overall LinguaNext supports translations to over 140 languages from around the world.


We had previously covered issues pertaining Indic languages in the digital world during the event ‘The Digital Future of Indic Languages’. The issues covered included the problems faced in porting Indic languages to Android, the biggest being getting fonts to play nice with different screen sizes and resolutions.

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