Mobile and online business listings company JustDial is looking to launch in the UK next month, and by October in the UAE, reports The Economic Times. The report adds that JustDial is also looking to expand its services into Southeast Asia.JustDial

Last week JustDial had stated plans of rolling out its services in global markets, especially in other emerging markets. Also we had noticed that the JustDial US website seemed to suggest possible launches in Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand.

JustDial will also bring the operations in United States and Canada under its direct control. JustDial has a license agreement with its group company JustDial Global, which currently operates the site in US and Canada. JustDial Global expressed inability to continue operations in these two markets, hence this move. In fact, JustDial informed BSE that the company board approved the possible acquisition of JustDial Inc. from JustDial Global.

The company claims to receive 80,000-100,000 visitors on its US website, according to the ET report. Also, JustDial Founder and CEO VSS Mani told ET that monetization isn’t a prerogative for Justdial in international markets at the moment. The focus is on increasing the number of businesses listed on the website.

It’s also worth noting that JustDial has replaced Google Maps with its own maps solution in Q1 2014. This move makes sense since JustDial effectively competes with Google in the business listings segment. They probably dropped Google Maps to pull out all data from Google as plans of international expansion became certain.

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