Mobile advertising network InMobi is shutting down its Android app distribution platform App Publish 16 months after its launch in March 2013, reports TechCircle. The platform allowed developers to publish and manage their apps across 130 global app stores. The objective was to reduce cost and time required in submitting apps to multiple stores.inmobi-app-publish

InMobi informed developers through an email that post August 4 they won’t be able to submit any apps through App Publish, but didn’t allude to the reasons behind this move. It’s worth noting that all apps submitted through App Publish will be now be unpublished from the app stores. Apparently, InMobi is in talks with the respective app stores to devise a way on republishing the apps directly.

In the email the company also informed the developers that they will continue to have access to all reports, and payments for paid apps will be calculated till the day the app is unpublished from each app store.

App Publish was a product of InMobi’s acquisition of Metaflow Solutions, a UK-based mobile app management and distribution solution provider. App Publish allowed developers to submit their app on several app stores concurrently. Furthermore, the service also enabled app developers to manage their presence through a single dashboard.

Other InMobi developments

The first half of 2014 has been a busy period for InMobi. In January, the Bangalore and San Francisco-based company launched its native ads platform in beta, which allowed developers and mobile publishers to create and present native ads to users. A month later the company introduced a context-aware interactive video ads platform, which was an extension of its context-aware personalized mobile ads launched in October 2013. The native ads platform was officially launched in May.

Last month, InMobi introduced a new monetization solution for game developers and announced the creation of a $25 million indie game developers’ fund.

In June, InMobi had also reshuffled its top management. Reportedly, co-founders Amit Gupta and Abhay Singhal had started focusing on strategic initiatives in e-commerce advertising and telecom hardware areas and overlooking revenue sharing agreements the company had with such firms.