indiatimes-shoppingTimes Internet’s e-commerce venture Indiatimes Shopping has introduced a price comparison feature on its website. (Hat Tip: Naman Sarawagi) Prices from other leading e-commerce marketplaces – Snapdeal, and Flipkart – are prominently displayed alongside the Indiatimes Shopping price. At present the price comparison feature seems to be active only for mobile handsets.

Indiatimes Shopping

Nikhil adds: Why has Indiatimes Shopping introduced such a feature?

For affiliate revenue. Indiatimes Shopping is a marketplace, and merchants can sell products to customers via its platform. While introducing prices from competing marketplaces, Indiatimes Shopping has integrated affiliate links from Snapdeal, Amazon and Flipkart. Any purchases that a customer makes on those sites will mean that Indiatimes gets a share of the revenue.


Apart from contributing revenue to Indiatimes shopping, this initiative can also have two additional reactions:

– For customers: If customers know that they can get access to prices from multiple platforms on Indiatimes Shopping, then they are likely to go to Indiatimes Shopping to look up prices. Note that Indiatimes Shopping has advertising, hence an increase in pageviews could help increase revenues as well.

– For merchants: Merchants on Indiatimes shopping would be pushed to reduce prices, in comparison with competing platforms.

We have written to Times Internet for comments, and are awaiting a response.