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Specialty media company CyberMedia reported losses for the second quarter running, although there was marked improvement. For the quarter ended June 30, 2014 CyberMedia reported losses of Rs.0.54 crore (unaudited), as compared to Rs.1.54 crore (audited) in the previous quarter (March 31, 2014) and Rs.0.77 crore in the corresponding quarter last year.

Total operational income in Q1-FY15 witnessed a 15% decline to Rs.12.52 crore from 14.73 crore in the previous quarter. Total operational income declined by 20% in comparison to the corresponding quarter last year.

Note: These consolidated financial results are an amalgamation of the results of CyberMedia’s wholly-owned subsidiaries – Cyber Media Research, Cyber Media Services, Cyber Media Singapore, CyberMedia India and Cyber Astro – as well as its associate companies Cyber Media Foundation, Cyber Media Careers and Any Time Media.

Media Business: Revenue from the media business declined by 42% quarter-on-quarter (QoQ) to Rs.4.60 crore from Q1-FY15, from Rs.7.93 crore in Q4-FY14. The Media business revenue declined 37% year-on-year (YoY). The segment reported a loss before tax of Rs.0.25 crore. In the previous quarter it had posted a profit before tax of Rs.1.4 crore.

The segment’s contribution to CyberMedia’s Rs.12.77 crore revenue declined to 36% in Q1-FY15 from 48.9% in Q4-FY14 (includes inter-segment revenue).

CyberMedia currently has 12 print properties and 30 online properties, including PCQuest, DQIndia, DQChannels, The DQ Week, Voice&Data, CIOL, GlobalServices and CyberAstro among others. Last year, in September CyberMedia had sold its life sciences-focused B2B brand BioSpectrum to trade show company MM Activ.

Media Services Business: The media services business reported a profit before tax of Rs.0.21 crore in Q1-FY15, as compared to a loss of Rs.0.93 crore in Q4-FY14. However, it was well below the Rs.1.21 crore profit before tax the segment has posted in the Q1-FY14.

Total revenue generated by this segment, however, declined marginally by 1.2%, from Rs.8.27 crore in Q4-FY14 to Rs.8.17 crore in Q1-FY15. The segment contributed 64% to CyberMedia’s revenue, up from 51% in the previous quarter.

IT & telecom research firm Cybermedia Research, content marketing agency TDA Group and media services firm Content Matrix are all part of CyberMedia Media Services business, and offer custom media solutions.