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Mumbai-based social wishlist site Wishberg is shutting down and the founders Pravin Jadhav and Kulin Shah are moving to the Sequoia Capital-backed online recharge and couponing site Freecharge.

At Freecharge, Jadhav will be leading the effort on the company’s product & growth while Shah will be leading efforts on Partnerships & Alliances.

According to a note on Wishberg’s official blog, the platform will be sunsetted in coming days, giving time to users to possibly export their account data.

Wishberg was launched in July 2011 as Tyche’d, however the company pivoted to the current avatar in November 2012. It allowed users to build wishlists, share experiences with on products, and discover relevant reviews and experiences from their social circle.

The company had raised seed funding of $150,000 from India Quotient and angel investors like One97 founder and managing director Vijay Shekhar Sharma and HeadHonchos CEO Uday Sodhi in October last year.

While Wishberg was still in its early stages, it was experimenting and evolving quickly: Over the past year, it had allowed users to make a private wishlista future timeline (essentially allowing users to set targets for when they’ll complete their wish), sending wishes through Twittertrending wishes (for discovery) and a browser bookmarklet for allowing people to easily save wishes, and added search.

It had also introduced a collective buying feature called ShopMobs, which allowed Wishberg users looking to buy products to come together for buying products together offline. However, the company shut it down later, since it apparently saw limited participation offline.

Few months back, it had introduced a new revamped version, bringing in a simplified user interface, tags and the ability to tag friends in a wish among others. The company had said it was now focusing on becoming a “place where the world shares their wishes, and inspires others with their achievements.” rather being a bucket list for users.

Farewell Note on Wishberg blog

We’ve spent last few years building Wishberg as a default destination for users to share their wishes & discover more interesting wishes from people around the world – things to do, things to buy, travel, adventure, experiences and so much more. The journey has been beautiful, exhilarating, exciting with lots of learning for all of us.

In July 2011, we started on this idea with Tyche’d, we failed. Our failure with Tyche’d was disheartening but we restarted our journey with Wishberg. We were humbled with the support we received from users on Wishberg – from being named among the top startups to be featured among the best products. Our simplest joys and happiest moments were to see people sharing hundreds and thousands of wishes on Wishberg.

We set very high goals for us when we raised our first investment in April 2013. As a startup, data is your best friend. Reviewing those goals at the end of the year, we realised that we have trailed behind on few of them. For us a team, we have always believed in chasing bigger dreams and not take up smaller challenges. Keeping up with that belief, we will be sunsetting Wishberg in coming days while we give time to our users to go through their accounts and wishes.

We’re also excited to announce that the founding team at Wishberg is joining forces with FreeCharge. We believe FreeCharge will be a perfect fit for our team & capabilities – FreeCharge’s scale combined with its amazing leadership, awesome team and appetite for success is inspiring for us. Pravin (@beingpractical) will lead efforts on Product & Growth and Kulin (@NowEntrepreneur) will lead efforts on Partnerships & Alliances at FreeCharge.

We can’t begin to express how grateful we are for your support throughout this journey spanning over last three years. Our heartfelt thanks to our users, our team, our advisors, our investors, our early adopters, our enthusiasts, our well wishes, our friends and our family members.

– Team Wishberg