opera_idea_quikrIdea Cellular and Opera Software have partnered with Quikr to launch Sponsored Opera Web Pass in India.

With this move, Idea became the first telco to launch sponsored Web Pass in South Asia.

Idea subscribers can open Opera Mini browser and select Free Internet by Quikr Web Pass option from Idea Web Pass Speed-Dial entry, that costs 1 Paisa. With this plan, users will get 10 MB mobile data that will be valid for 24 hours. Subscribers can even opt for one-day Facebook access or Internet access for an hour for just Re 1 with Sponsored Web Pass.

Vodafone, IdeaAirtel and Telenor had tied-up with Opera to launch Web Pass earlier in February this yearSuch plans helps people who do not need full-time Internet access. Internet packages that are otherwise available include a Daily Internet Pass for Rs 8, a weekly Facebook Pass for Rs 7  and a Weekly Internet Pass for Rs 30.

This is not the first product launched by Opera to reduce data charges for users. It had introduced Opera Max, an Android application that compresses data across applications on mobile devices to help save data earlier this year.

Bringing non-data users onboard: Entry-level barriers like cost, have stifled mass adoption of mobile Internet usage in India. This initiative will help mobile network operators attract new users, who have so far remained wary of data plan expenditure. Even the advertisers stand to gain positive brand association through Sponsored Web Passes. For advertisers it serves a dual purpose – connecting with potential new consumers and creating mind share. Sponsored Web Passes also allows mobile network operators to increase their revenue from data services, without burdening the consumer. So, it is a win-win situation.

Site-specific data plans: The number of people accessing specific sites on mobile devices is far greater than those who want a comprehensive web experience, especially on the low end devices. That being the case, network operators could start offering more such data passes tailored to specific websites. However, it shouldn’t happen at the expense of regular data packs that offer access to all Internet websites and services.

Frequent collaborators: This is not the first time the two companies have collaborated. Back in 2012 a co-branded version of Opera Mini browser was introduced for Idea subscribers. Opera has a similar co-branding partnerships with Tata DOCOMO, Vodafone India, Airtel and MTS India.